How to create a website with Notion

Notico is one of the easiest tools to use for creating websites directly from your Notion pages. All you need to get started is a Notion account and a Notico account. Both of them are free to use, so you can easily kick-start your website spending zero money on the tools.
If you are done creating the accounts for these two tool then let’s get started!

This is the website we’ll create in this tutorial 👇


1. Pick the website template

To create your website you have to press on the Create button from the dashboard.
A popup will be shown where you can select the website template that you want to use. There are many website templates to choose from and new templates are added weekly. For this tutorial we’ll go with the Clean Resumé template. Feel free to choose the one that fits your needs. After you selected it, press on Continue .

2. Duplicate the Notion page

By duplicating the template you’ll get the Notion pages into your Notion workspace. This action will allow you to change the page content.
To do so you will have to press on the Duplicate button from the dashboard and it will open the Notion page. Click again on the Duplicate button from the top-right corner of the Notion page and select the workspace where you want to duplicate this page.

3. Copy Notion page URL

To give Notico the permission to view your Notion page you’ll have to make it public. To do so you have to open the Notion page that you just duplicated and click on the Share button from the top-right corner. Make sure to turn on the Share to web option and then press on Copy web link. It’s that easy!

4. Create the website

After you copied the Notion page URL from the previous step, navigate back to the dashboard. Enter your website name and paste the Notion page URL in the second field. Once you are done, press the Create button! It can take few seconds (~15s) to fetch the content from Notion and copy it into a real website. Be patient! That’s all for now. It was easy, right?
If you encounter any problem and you have any question, feel free to reach out to me (Cosmin — the founder of Notico) using the chat bubble from the bottom right corner.

5. Optional: Customize it

Your website is done! It looks fantastic! The only thing left to do is to update the content as you like and change its style. Notico provides a lot of options to customize like: colors, fonts, spacings, domains and much more. You can explore all of them in the dashboard. Now go create yours and share it with the world!

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