Add custom domain to your Notion page

The first step is to create a website with Notico. You can check out this tutorial, it takes less than 2 minutes. Now let’s go to the next step.

1. Navigate to your website settings

Open your website settings and scroll to the Domains section. Here you can customize the free subdomain (example.notico.site) or add a custom domain (example.com). Let’s press on Add Custom Domain.
A modal will be shown where you have to fill out the domain that you want to use. (eg. johndoe.com)
Once you entered your domain name you will see some new information (Type, Name / Host and Value). Now you need to go to your domain registrar (Google Domain, NameCheap, GoDaddy, etc) and update your DNS records to the values provided by Notico.

2. Update DNS records

Navigate to your domain registrar, in this tutorial we will use NameCheap. Select your domain name and open Advanced DNS section. Delete any other records of type A and add the one provided by Notico.

3. Save and you’re done

Once you added the A record to your domain registrar go back to the Notico dashboard and tick the switch to confirm. Press on the Submit button and you are done! Note! Usually it takes around 30 minutes to see the changes but it can also take up for 48 hours, so be patient and if you don’t see the changes after 48 hours please contact us using the chat bubble from the bottom - right corner of the screen.

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